Handles (and handle-less kitchens!)

We have a wide range of handle suites available to help personalise your kitchen.

Not all handle suites are suitable for each kitchen. Please note that a handle suite may comprise up to three kitchen handles which are fitted to drawers, doors and spice boxes where applicable, and while most kitchen handle suites are supplied at no extra charge, a small number do carry a surcharge.

However, if you’re looking for a minimalist design, we can also offer alternatives which don't feature handles in order to create clean lines and a sleek design. There are three ways to achieve this – Inset, Touch and In-Line.

Inset doors and drawers feature a cup fitted to the reverse which allow them to be opened without the need for a protruding handle. Touch system doors and drawers are opened simply by touch, allowing you to create a minimalist, handle-free design. In-Line kitchens are the third way to design a Parker Kitchen without a handle. This style features an integrated J-Pull style handle grip (called J-Pull due to its shape).

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